Service SA - Safety label reminder for electric and hybrid vehicle owners

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Safety label reminder for electric and hybrid vehicle owners

28 July 2020

Owners of electric, hybrid or hydrogen powered vehicles are reminded to have safety labels on their vehicle’s number plates to help protect emergency workers.

Under SA law vehicles built or modified after 1 January 2019 are legally required to display the number plate safety labels, while owners of those built or modified before 1 January 2019 are recommended to display number plate safety labels on both front and rear number plates.

The safety labels act as an important flag for emergency services workers, and first responders, in the event they are required to deal with one of these types of vehicles in an emergency situation.

Car dealerships and manufacturers are also reminded of this requirement, as the majority of new alternatively powered motor vehicles are registered by a vehicle dealership with the number plates installed at the point of sale.

Anyone buying a new electric, hybrid or hydrogen powered car should check that the car dealership has attached a safety label to both number plates.

Two number plates, one with an "EV" sticker and  one with an "H" sticker. The stickers are smaller than the registration number lettering (about one fifth in size) and sit between the fourth and fifth letters.

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