Service SA - Bought a vehicle? You can register it online
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Bought a vehicle? You can register it online

5 August 2019

Two hands reaching across from opposite sides of a desk. The male hand, coming from the left is dropping a set of keys into the female hand, coming from the right.

If you have bought a vehicle in South Australia you can register the vehicle in your name with a mySA GOV account.

If you have bought a registered vehicle you must register it in your name within 14 days.

If the seller has agreed to transfer the remaining registration to you, both you and seller must sign the Application for Transfer of Registration.

If you have bought an unregistered vehicle you can register it in your name as the new owner.  You will need the registration and engine number of the vehicle.

If you don’t have a mySA GOV account, you can create an account online.

For more details, see our I have bought a vehicle page.